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Plans for Scans



Have you ever encountered an object you’ve desired so badly, you punched down all points regarding how unnecessary and wasteful it would be to own such a thing and forked out your hard-earned cash anyways? This ceramic cat bust is the highlight of my living room decor. Since being whisked off of a discount department store shelf, it’s been kept in an antique windowed cabinet surrounded by keepsakes and mementos, glistening white and immobile. It is a testament to how precious objects are rarely useful.


Perhaps this is why the above scan is one of my favorite models. It took 10 minutes to scan the item (a bloated estimate) and with the smallest amount of post-processing, it’s become a pristine and near-perfect recreation of it’s physical counterpart. Neat to look at, right?

I can modify the digital file to be smaller in stature, and then 3D print it to have a perfect, tiny version of my favorite novelty cat bust. Beyond that, I could use the print to make a mold to pour ceramic into to make infinite cat busts. I could populate the desks of my workplace and my friends’ workplaces with tiny, perfect gentleman cats.

For now, I’ll be making a keychain of my favorite fancy feline with our new sterolithographic 3D printer, but who’s to say what the future holds beyond that?

Gather your thoughts and let us know what you’d 3D print. Perhaps it will be of a more practical item, to a more practical end.