3D Scanning/Reality Capture

Our handheld structured white-light 3D scanner allows us to come to your shop and capture complicated measurements and geometry, quickly and with precision.

We’ve 3D printed replica miniatures, pulled exact .dxf’s of lugs & clamps, and designed entire after-market truck accessory lines with our 3D scanning services. What will you do?

3D Scans
by Amery
on Sketchfab

If you’re a builder, you can ditch the risk of measurement errors and the hassle of cardboard templates – we can model around scan data digitally, avoiding interference and poor fit before material is even processed.

If you’re an artisan, a quick scan can capture all of the texture, detail and colour of your piece. Share your work digitally, and your audience will be limited only by the reach of the internet. Make tools like stamps or rollers from real-life texture by utilizing both 3D scanning and 3D printing.

If you’re a game designer, you can grab true-to-life assets with minimal post-processing.

Take a real object, edit it, and print it. Leave it as is and put it on your website. Model a build around it, place it in a digital environment and create a realistic rendering.

Explore what the new frontier of reality capture can do for you.