If you’re a fabricator, you can ditch the risk of measurement errors and the hassle of cardboard templates. Our handheld structured light 3D scanner allows us to come to your shop and capture complicated measurements and geometry, quickly and with precision. We can model around scan data digitally, avoiding interference and poor fit before material is even processed.

Take a real object, edit it, and 3D print it. Or leave it as is and embed an interactive 3D model on your website. Use CAD and 3D modelling to design around it. Place it in a digital environment and create a realistic rendering. Once it’s captured and in the computer, the possibilities are virtually endless.

We’ve done everything from 3D printed replica miniatures, pulled exact DXF cross sections of components for reverse engineering, and designed entire after-market truck accessory lines around OEM vehicles with our 3D scanning services. What will you do?

3D Scans
by Amery
on Sketchfab