Replicating Kevin Albers

We spent a fast morning 3D Scanning famed morning show radio host Kevin Albers in order to 3D print a majestic miniature bust statue of his likeness. See the shenanigans go down here. We primarily use our 3D scanning capabilities to take a lot of detailed measurements very quickly, for build projects. We won’t be […]

Cats abroad

Do you remember our cat statue obsession? Of course you do. It’s all Lindsay blogs about. As it happens, she was not alone in this fixation. One very helpful Jeffrey at Onshape noticed our cats and wanted in. Knee-deep in. After a week-long journey, ten cat friends have found their way to Jeff’s office in […]

Product Development and 3D Printing

Executing an idea for something new is always a wild ride – even with diagrams, measurements and artistic renderings, it can be difficult to visualize what you’re making in your minds eye. Our CAD services are well-complimented by our 3D printing services – whether you’re considering making a change to your existing project or starting […]