Our team is no stranger to creating 3D models, optimized cutlists, DXF’s and detailed drawing packages for:

• Structural steel; adhering to CSA standards
• Custom fabricated sheet metal/plate steel products
• Consumer product prototyping

In addition to helping our clients with shop-floor drawings, we’ve been able to address fitment challenges with our 3D scanning services.

We’ve done our share of throwing around steel, and we understand what it takes to actually build something. Extensive shop-floor manufacturing and project management experience that not only helps us understand the needs of shops of different sizes, but leads us to ask the right questions in order to serve your unique establishment as best as we can.

Using SolidWorks, we can layout any size of steel structure using standard and regularly available structural members. We can explore different options, materials and design details long before any steel is cut. We can generate complex sheet metal products complete with flat patterns, bend instructions and DXF files for CNC table cutting.  We can layout details for 2D drawings in a clear and concise way, so your shop can spend more time fabricating, and less time trying to interpret confusing drawings.

Whether your existing drafting team could use relief with overflow, or you’re looking for design assistance with a larger (or smaller) project, we can help.